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Wilma [userpic]

Things I've learned from the October issue of Esquire magazine.

September 19th, 2007 (04:02 pm)

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  1.  How much i enjoy magazines geared toward men more than i do women. The articles are more interesting, the humor is five times wittier, and they don't obsess with improving your oral sex skills or different ways to "spice up your love life."
  2. Men fashion is slightly more interesting then women's fashion but in real life if any of my guy friends wore these outfits I would think they could be gay. *read the article about the guy who wore the snug Thom Browne suit around NYC..and the hilarity that ensued.*
  3. Chuck Klosterman is still my demi god.
  4. The questions they get for there advice section is tops, highlights include, "Hey my sister is hot but im not attracted to her, what gives? or " I'm obsessed with my girlfriends bare vagina..it's not red..no bumps..it's beautiful, how can i tell her this without freaking her out?"
  5. Theres this article about a guy who wrote a book of when he attempted to follow all the rules of the bible. it's hilarious... Apparently the bible is a great way to obtained helpful household hints.
    Also the bible also has good pick up lines.
    Your eyes are doves
    Your hair is like a flock of goats
    Moving down the slopes of Gilead
    Your teeth are like a flock of shorn ewes
    Your lips are like a scarlet thread
    and your mouth is lovely
    Your cheeks are like halves of a pomegranate
    Behind your veil
    Your neck is like the Tower of David.
  6. Colon cleansing kits are a scam, you'll get the same outcome with a high fiber diet.
  7. Whiting toothpaste is also a scam, it only works with small surface stains but does nothing if your a heavy coffee drinking and/or smoker, a audience they target there product to.


And finally... I'll always have a hard-on for this man, even if on the cover he looks like a homeless guy with a suit on (he's growing a beard because he's playing Che Guervara in a film) He's delightfully weird, manly, and light hearted....i'm a sucker for that shit.


    It's been awhile since ive posted something, I'm in dire need to change my icons..who wants to see my fug mug with my cell phone anymore...
    Not me.